My EQ Series. Episodes 1 – 10.


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5 Things To Do Differently In The New Year

Episode 1_Think Differently (Change Mindset)

As we prepare for another calendar year, I share 5 tips in this series on what we need to do differently to enable us succeed in the coming year.

In this first episode, I encourage my viewers to think differently to change their mindset. I give practical tips on how this can be done effectively.

Other episodes in this series are:

Episode 2_Set Goals Differently (Get A Road Map)

Episode 3_SAVE!

Episode 4_Be Better At Time Management

Episode 5_Be Thankful For Everything (Gratitude)

I encourage you to complete the series for a rounded overview.

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Interview with Dayo Anthony of BISCON Television.

I was a guest of Temidayo Anthony of BISCON TV, Channel 108, GOTv in Africa on her SECURITY & SAFETY TALKS. 

The topic was IDEOLOGY OF AMNESTY. We looked at the amnesty program in Nigeria and discuss through the implications for Nigeria, the amnesty beneficiaries, and their victims.




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World Mental Health Day, 2020

In this broadcast, I beam a light on mental health issues on the day set aside to observe mental health issues the world over. I reiterate WHO’s position that better attention should be drawn to the issue, and more funding needs to be made available by governments the world over to battle this scourge.

I end the message by sharing 6 no. tips on what we need to do as individuals to secure our own mental health despite the season the world lives in.

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How To Gain Leverage_Lifestyle Bytes_Emotional Health & Spiritual By-passing, Episode 1: Buyer Beware.

A new series – Emotional Health & Spiritual By-passing debuts on all my podcast channels today. Listen, learn and leverage.

In this pilot episode of a new series on Emotional Health and Spiritual Bypassing, I lay the foundation for the series by introducing myself and my religious belief, and academic understanding of most other religious beliefs; and the fact that this series is bound to be controversial for those who see religious issues as matters of black and white.

I explain that the reason for this series is to help us appreciate how our emotions have betrayed us such that many of our children, wards and relatives do not want to accept our faiths because we have allowed those emotions portray us in an untoward fashion.

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How To Gain Leverage_Lifestyle Bytes_Abuse Adewale Adeniji. Coach + Behavioral Therapist.

In this episode, I discuss a behaviour to avoid – ABUSE – which is the misuse of anything. I also share with you 4 tips on how to deal with Abuse. Doing these will free you from the bondage of Abuse. You will win the battle of life. If you need help reach out to us at or visit We love you! Enjoy the broadcast. — Send in a voice message:
  1. How To Gain Leverage_Lifestyle Bytes_Abuse
  2. World Mental Health Day, 2020
  3. How To Gain Leverage_Lifestyle Bytes_INGRATITUDE
  4. How To Gain Leverage_LifeStyle Bytes_Emotional Health & Spiritual Bypassing, Episode 2: TABLE OF DIFFERENCES.
  5. How To Gain Leverage_Lifestyle Bytes_Emotional Health & Spiritual By-passing, Episode 1: Buyer Beware.

How To Get Emotional Intelligence, Episode 6

In this episode we discuss the second part of our the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence where I explained how the 4 principles of EQ can be developed. I explained the 3 main models of EQ, and reiterated in conclusion that the amazing thing is that the essentials, competences and principles discussed in these 2 episodes – 5 and 6 – can be learnt. 


In this Episode, I condemn in its entirety the rape of women; and made a call to action for you, yes you, to join me!

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Lifestyle Bytes – Worry.

Lifestyle Bytes – WORRY.

In this episode of a new series of short videos – Lifestyle Bytes – I discuss WORRY, and suggest a tip on how to handle this very debilitating emotion.

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