Archive | May 2, 2016

Leicester City Wins English Premier League!

As a proud Gooner, I say hearty congratulations to Leicester City FC.
Whether na Buddhist Jazz or not, you’re champions! No be rise and beans o. And despite the 5000=1 odds at the beginning of the season! Well done indeed.

As Zebrudaya, a Nigerian comic would say, “Congratulobia”!

By the way, as some showed at the Emirates last Saturday, 
“Wenger + 12 years = Excuses.

Ranieri + 10 months = Champions”
“It’s Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC”
Arsene runs Arsenal FC as a business, right? Then as should happen in any corporation where you’ve missed your KPIs for 12 consecutive years, isn’t it time to retire Arsene upstairs?  Or worse still?

My thoughts as a long suffering (this one not being a fruit of the spirit o!) Arsenal fan.

Any GOONER that disagrees with me, please share your thoughts.

Our Politics_Abuse of Security Votes_Buhari’s Attack.


Perhaps if there is a way by which Nigeria’s autonomous States and Loxal Governments can replicate this, then more resources could be freed for developmental projects?


what do you think?


The Buhari administration has ended the controversial practice of routine security vote allocation to top government, military and security officials, SaharaReporters has learned.