Our Relationships_Domestic Violence_Na By Force?



Marriage is to be enjoyed, not endured. For Mrs. Ronke Shonde, like many before her, sadly help can no longer come. She was found dead in her matrimonial home by relatives. Her husband, Lekan was no where to be found. Is he still alive, why was he no where to be found? Riddles for the police to unravel.

But for this mother of two, the sun has set for Ronke. Painfully, domestic violence seem to be on the rise – and the perpetrator is gender flexible. Earlier this year a young man – Lowo Odediran – was allegedly mortally stabbed by his wife.

Inside story: How Yewande, Ibadan lawyer killed her husband



And the list goes on.

So, today I raise this question – Na by force to stay in an unhappy marriage or relationship?

Your comments and contributions are most welcomed.

2 thoughts on “Our Relationships_Domestic Violence_Na By Force?

  1. marriage is not supposed to be endured. I believe we are still very much controlled by culture and tradition, and even religion. Churches carry the ‘no divorce’ principle to the extreme. Parents and families believe it is a stigma when someone they celebrated marriage with fanfare packs it up. I believe when the marriage is not working, both parties should separate amicably, without fighting or rancour.

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