Self Immolation {Elegy for the Vengeful Avengers}

niger delta militants



I will cut my nose to spite my face

Troublesome, nosey, ambivalent

This nose must go; rid me of this

So, please let me cut this pinnochio!

Useless nose, always smelling what it ought not

My mouth allows salubrious satiation

Those eyes coddle all manner of flesh

Of a truth my ears make me sexy

But I must cut this nose,

yes this proboscis of your comfort

Builder of your cities and mansions.



I would still breath wouldn’t i, with my mouth?

I’d remain pretty, wouldn’t I?

beautiful bride to all.

Northern moths to my Fragrances would still dance.

My person would live, my ego intact

Western elites their ivory towers build.

But I see my nose as a burden.

Look around me and see

My shanties for your cities

Our widows for your wedding ceremonies

I must cut my nose to spite my face.

Then, we would dialogue .. You will listen to me.



My mouth will lead the conversation

My eyes will describe the desolation of the delta

Your ears must hear of the wanton poverty

From Oloibiri till now… we are horses for your parades

But no more, this nose that tantalises you must go

We will cut and burn; burn and pillage all noses

Then whence would flow your wealth?

Shouldn’t I cut my nose to spite my face?

At least I will have your attention

Ogoni land that you’re rejuvenating not withstanding

We are not tired of our drumbeats –

To the creeks, I say to the creeks

Burn it down, let them go find their oil somewhere else!



© June 12, 2016. Adewale Adeniji.

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