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Flawed Brilliance … Perfect Ineptness.

Pensive Images, 4



Bright as spark, flush of good deeds

Adored, envied, much desired by all

Yet there’s a dark room full of hubris

How so can one be brilliantly flawed?



All scripture doth know and quote

Oft right on the money for purity

But then that one flaw – that rote of destruction

Doth stalk, even as the encomiums pour.



Lonesomeness begets a license

Separation breeds inner struggles

Abiding alone harbingers amok imaginations

You gat no grip, no anchor for safety.



Simmering beneath that veneer of gold

The wooden sepulchre of morbidity grind

Dark, inhibitive thoughts, grave draconian muses

Your soul assailed, dust to dawn like curfews.


Who can rescue from this constant

ringing, this tintinnabulum that on and on goes?

Maybe Immortality’s judgment coming?

That nadir, certain culmination of reckoning?



Get a grip, seek the gift, freely given

You, born to rule, programmed to reign,

adrift? Brilliance alone no saviour be.

Realignment with the Daystar, your sure bet!



© 21st July 2016. Adewale Adeniji

Our Politics_Of Images & Nuances

Politics in Africa is often said to be a game of images and nuances. Meaning it’s all about public relations more than substance (what we call EFIZI) in Nigeria. No matter how much serious policy wonks disagree with this, unfortunately we see it manifest everywhere, everyday!
But this particular legislooter, this sinator (Nigerianese for thieving senators) takes it to uncommon realms – from his absurd dressing to his garulous vituperations! But now he has topped himself (as if that were even possible) in ridiculous behavior with these photographs splashed on social media.
Anyway, could anyone who has access to this sinator remind him of one Yoruba adage: the child that abuses the Iroko tree and looks back should know that the Iroko tree takes its time to exact revenge! 
In other words, revenge is best served cold! I have a feeling he just messed with the wrong goon, and by this very act sang his own nunc demitis! 
He will surely be Jagabaned!!! He should ask alumnus of that genus who have had brush-ins with the man of Bourdillon..🏃🏾
I may very well be wrong. Only time will tell, wouldn’t it?
© July Adewale Adeniji.




You read to expand your mind (i.e. grow your brain) and position yourself to take advantage of opportunities.


When was the last time you read a book?


It may just save or preserve your future!



Fabric of Dreams …

I dream, great a many dreams

You saw the wrong eagle, 

Fly high you think? Nay!

Low lands, your way.
You dream. So what, I dream

I dream, you dream, we all do

Of mass, no mass, Quasimodo 

We sleep, all sleep and dream!
Purple, pink, nay peach

All colours, all shades, all dreams

Meaningful, useless dreams are dreams

Wake up and smell your coffee.
© June 2016. Adewale Adeniji