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Wisdom Nuggets 101_Power Of Observation.



If vision is the engine of all innovations, the power of observation is its electric motor. Ability to deduce from what you see or read has power to transmit your vision to conception stage.

© Adewale Adeniji, LexConsults Humanae.

Wisdom Nuggets 101_Seed ‘Money’.

Seed Money. Money is the seed for money. Your seed determines your harvest. 
So, to make money you need to know how to wisely sow money. Go figure! I am not asking for an offering! 
What are you investing you time, intellect and resource in? How good a seed do you have to sow?
© Adewale Adeniji, LexConsults Humanae. 

Wisdom Nuggets 101_Life Is About Perspectives

What you see is what you get – recession or prosperity; sadness or joy; fruitfulness or barrenness; peace or war. 

Is the glass half full or empty for you?

It’s your decision!

© 02/09/2016. Adewale Adeniji

Wisdom Nuggets 101 – 5 Things To Watch-out For


“Watch your thoughts; they become words


Watch your words; they become actions


Watch your actions; they become habit


Watch your habits; they become character


Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

Excerpt From: Company, Businessman. “Power of Self-Control: How to Build Self-Control Habits and Take Charge of Your Life.”


Books_The Creative NationBooks_The Devil's AdvocateBooks_The Last CustodiansBooks_Power of Self-Control


You read to expand your mind (i.e. grow your brain) and position yourself to take advantage of opportunities.


When was the last time you read a book?


It may just save or preserve your future! If you love books, please pass on. Danke.