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For Fidel – Guerrilla, Comrade, Polemist.


Fare thee well, Comrade talker, Fidel.

On Batista’s ashes you ruled and reigned.

Cahoots with Ernesto ‘Che’, you branded

Cuba, for fifty decades, in your image.

So effective were thee, that the Gringo

neighbor to the north, millions spent to

upend la revolution. Yet, your island remain.

Fashioned still in your image, oh yes!



In Havana, in Miami, residents or exiles

in equal measure mourn thee. Your utopia

much in discuss. Be it in the archipelagos,

Santiago de Cuba, Camaguey, the whole

of the Caribbean lands mourn thee, Fidel.

Be it for good or ill, more than eleven million

lives ye touched. White, Black, Mulatto all

mourn or laugh, each with their memories.



Born of privilege, married early into one.

People’s lawyer who charged nothing for

services so much craved in a corrupt era.

Yet, forswear thee a guaranteed life of

ease and pleasure; for a guerrillas’ doom.

Your July 26 movement prevailed and rocked

the Americas, inspiring radicalism all over.

To reactionaries and rent seekers’ chagrin all over!



Alas, like all mortals, your end now dawned.

But fair warning it gave thee for more seasons

than most. Now, The Indisputable Immortal, your life

will examine. Wish a fly I could be on that wall!

But, none though can deny, a garrulous priest

ye remained of communal economics so much so,

your version post dated its Soviet communal

parents! How else should a mortal in deed be judged?



Father of Fidelito, and nine more; salute for me

comrades fallen, fairly or not. Enjoy your rest,

but alas no cigars for yonder I’m sure; but hey,

you being Fidel, maybe another exception awaits.?

Broke all the rules, you did, with aplomb. Only

mortal leader to defy eleven Gringo presidents.

Survived ye, the Bay of Pigs, even more many

machinations of world’s elites; but this battle, lost ye.



Journey well in the bowels of the earth.

Where else could it ever be?

Comrade, you fought a troubled fight.

How else could it have been?

Yet, prevailed thou. Despite huge odds.

Fare the well, Fidel. Farewell leader of men.

Victoria Ascerta! Pamberi na chimuranga!!

Sadly, we shall not be seeing again.



© 26th November 2016. Adewale Adeniji. 😩.

The Donkey And His Chips.


That Donkey, what chip on ‘ees shoulders.

Rode only once hither thither by a Master;

as accolades poured forth in droves.

Of a truth our Ass developed such an ego

that has no place to go. Thought ‘eeself

important in life scheme of things, did he.




No one can an easy conversation have

with our celebrated Ass, as he puffs.

Until that fateful day in the village square.

The real owner of the Donkey had his life

shed for man so base. Then our Ass saw

his pride dented indeed. ‘Ess just a ride!




© 11th November 2016. Adewale Adeniji.

Wisdom Nuggets 101_Digital Disruption.

Business is no longer being done in the ways taught in business schools or passed down in organizations through training. Business models are becoming dated in the face of nimble and agile organizations; due mainly in part to what is described as Digital Disruptions.
Ask metered taxis, the effect that the UBER App has had on their business. The effect of digital disruption is that entrepreneurial start-ups reaching the $1billion evaluation milestone quicker than before; and the average lifespan of S & P 500 companies has shrunk by almost two-thirds in the last 50 years?
Implication for you and your business is simple … innovate, digitize or fizzle out. As Digital Disruption is happening across industries, are you really willing to take that risk?
© 14th November 2016. Adewale Adeniji/LexConsults Humanae International.

Stunned, Comatose …

The morning of the day after.

Aghast are we, worldwide;

he won when none thought it.

On the wings of bigotry,

in the land of immigrants.

So, the wall will go up? Hmm…

Now, new mantra be “Jailers Ahoy”!



In for an all comer’s remit. Open season

on the weak, meek and malleable.

Bamboozled his way in, has he.

We be dazed, marooned in thought.

No more prospect for the reasonable;

We thought he wrong, we reckon we right.

But many hold him bright, a right newbie.



Pundits caught out. Thoughts adrift,

brains comatose; senses paralyzed.

Fear trumps hope, and all flounder.

Struck he lodes of angst; branded sweetly.

A pity indeed this Olympus has fallen.

Shame; for a season of anomie dawns.

Their centre no longer can hold!



© 9th November 2017. Adewale Adeniji

Total Recall


Memories can be unforgiving

Yesterday’s deed, tomorrow’s reference

Once done, oft remembered; for ill.



Surely like a new dawn, was buried,

now exhumed. With a vengeance unparalleled

Stocked by animus so foul, so potent.



Not interested in settlement, are you?

You may be good at malice, but you’re not God.

‘Least not mine or of those penitent.



Occurrences of three decades, you recall

with ease that makes most computers frail.

Yet, not much good work is your brain attuned.



Memories, such as you trade doth enslave.

They of you prisoners make, for ever.

‘Xcept your ways you amend, Capitan!



© 24th October 2016. Adewale Adeniji