Stunned, Comatose …

The morning of the day after.

Aghast are we, worldwide;

he won when none thought it.

On the wings of bigotry,

in the land of immigrants.

So, the wall will go up? Hmm…

Now, new mantra be “Jailers Ahoy”!



In for an all comer’s remit. Open season

on the weak, meek and malleable.

Bamboozled his way in, has he.

We be dazed, marooned in thought.

No more prospect for the reasonable;

We thought he wrong, we reckon we right.

But many hold him bright, a right newbie.



Pundits caught out. Thoughts adrift,

brains comatose; senses paralyzed.

Fear trumps hope, and all flounder.

Struck he lodes of angst; branded sweetly.

A pity indeed this Olympus has fallen.

Shame; for a season of anomie dawns.

Their centre no longer can hold!



© 9th November 2017. Adewale Adeniji

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