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American Politics_Oga* Donald, Softly, Softly O!

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Is anyone observing the speed at which president Donald Trump appears bent on ‘reversing’ every trace of Obama’s legacy? All by executive orders?

First it was regulation on the mandatory provisions of ‘Obamacare’, the Affordable Care Act. Now the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal (TPP). Others are said to be in the pipeline.

If you care to know how effective these orders are, please go to,

Someone said to me that by the time The Donald is finished with his pen, Americans will struggle to remember what, if any thing, former president Barack Obama achieved in his 8 years as commander-in-chief!

I seriously disagree with this, even if I was not a fan of the last US president at all times. (Story for another post.)

The irony of all this ‘gra gra’* by president Trump is that no matter how he and some in his party try to erase every landmark trace of the Obama era, Barack Hussein Obama can not be easily forgotten. Why?

Because all president Trump is reversing or planning to reverse are the very things that brought America’s economy great gains in the last 5 years of the Obama era. As at the time he left office a few days ago, the US economy had good ratings. See

(Warning. Graphs included! Not for the Lilly livered!)

Guess what will happen with The Donald’s actions and his plan to cut taxes for the wealthy 1%? What will happen when he realizes he cannot decree American companies to shut down their factories overseas (where the have access to productive but cheap labour. He promises punitive importation tariffs against them, at the risk of increasing the cost of consumer items Americans are addicted to!)?

A struggling economy, that’s what! And then by whose work does he think he will then be measured? You guessed right! That of the immediate preceding president. Ask George W. Bush after he reversed president Bill Clinton’s taxes on the wealthiest 1% of Americans in 2003! Ask him what happened to the good economy bequeathed to him!

This new president and the Republican Congress are in for a rude shock when the first dip in people’s purchasing power arrives; as it would with the reversal of TPP for instance!

The drama has just begun. This is merely Act 1, Scene 1 of a long play!

It is rather revealing, is it not, that the last 2 Republican successions to good economies under previous Democratic presidents came via elections where the new president failed to win the popular votes cast?

Methinks the first of such succession led to serious economic recession should act as caution to the marauding gale wind called “The Donald”! Because he is bent of traveling that very same road!

*Oga. Nigerian colloquial expression for “boss”

*gra gra. Nigerian colloquial expression for ‘unreasonable haste”

© 24th January 2017. Adewale Adeniji.

Buyer’s Remorse (Written After The 2016 American Presidential Election)

Remorse is an afterthought.

Bitter aftertaste it wrought.

All the careful preparations 

suddenly without more, bust.
What was thought fertile plain

Now indeed dry desert be 

Remit was to buy original.

Alas, counterfeit you gain
So, every budding buyer beware.

Self-harm it is to spite your face

Cutting off your nose injures none

other than you; jeopardizing more.
© 10th November 2016. Adewale Adeniji.

And The Stones Tumbled.

Easy to condemn,

Harder to forgive.

To ridicule others, effortless.

To praise, harder than meteorite. 

He who is without ought, He said,

the first stone to cast.

Alas, none the courage had,

to cast the stone first.

For none there be without fault.

Yet, they be fault finding!

At last all their stones tumbled,

humbled as their haughty bearers.

What a sight glorious when

all their stones tumbled,

their bearers humbled!

Thank you Sire, for lessons 

so apt, that my future assured.

No matter how filthy, how soiled.

A home for me to find in your

bossom so righteous; that I,

my dirty self, is made whole;

and made acceptable that no

haughty spirit can me torment!

Stones have tumbled indeed.
(Inspired by Jn. 8: 1-11)

© 4th January 2017. Adewale Adeniji.