Our Nation_Zero Sum Views on Corruption Trials

Really, what do we want? I am puzzled, is all.

First, it is that the war on corruption is a ruse because there has been no effective prosecution; or that it is one-sided.

Next, after the prosecution process began, it was who have they convicted (since many defendants were using the technicalities of the criminal justice system to their advantage)?

Now, that there have been two (2) convictions, it is now that is it only these two (2) that are corrupt? Some even say it is because they were of the last ruling party!

In the first place, the probability is high that members of the last ruling party (or those who left it for the new ruling party) would be the ones going through prosecution nearing completion, because it is the atrocities committed while that party was in power that began the process under this new administration.

Simple logic, one would have thought, right? No, not in Nigeria where everything is given an ethnic or religious coloration! It must be wrong because it is ‘against our people’

Secondly, there are those who for ethnic, religious or partisan political reasons would always find a reason to pick holes in whatever happens in governance – just to score ethnic, religious or party political points.

It is on the second reason that I muse this day. Where in all these contentions do we have the over riding interest of Nigeria?

It is true, is it not, that theft of our national patrimony by whoever, from wherever hurts the nation and all its citizens, regardless of creed or tongue?

If we agree on this bare minimum, surely it should matter little who is charged for corruption and who is convicted? Because ultimately, it is our Nation that benefits from such a process – to serve as a deterrent to others, and to create the right culture of service in our public space.

So, why the disputations? Why the zero sum politics? Surely, it cannot be that we are so sold out to partisanship that we cannot see the interest of the country?

And if per adventure that is the case, when are you planning on relocating to that alternative country where there are no social, economic or political issues to sort out? Pertinent question to ask because all opposing positions adopt a zero-sum attitude – it is either our way, or no way at all.

Patriotism should trump partisanship; general good must outshine parochial advantage – that is when we begin to move forward as a nation!

(Please feel free to share if your views are co-terminus with mine)

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