In this Episode, I condemn in its entirety the rape of women; and made a call to action for you, yes you, to join me!

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Lifestyle Bytes – Worry.

Lifestyle Bytes – WORRY.

In this episode of a new series of short videos – Lifestyle Bytes – I discuss WORRY, and suggest a tip on how to handle this very debilitating emotion.

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Emotional Intelligence, Episode 5 – Fundamentals of EQ, Part 1

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 5 – Fundamentals of EQ, Part 1.

In this episode, the first of 2 parts, we reviewed the work of Daniel Goleman in the origin of the phrase “emotional intelligence”, and also discussed what emotional intelligence (also emotional quotient, or EQ) can help you with. We also explained the competences, and components of emotional intelligence. We rounded off the episode with 4 Principles that makes it easy to understand EQ. It is a foundational episode in getting a firm understanding of emotional intelligence.

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Emotional Intelligence, Episode 4 – Gamut of Human Emotions.

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 4 – The Gamut of Human Emotions

In this episode we discuss the various theories on the quantum of human emotions, and conclude that regardless of the number, what is important is that each person in interpreting external stimuli leads to a diverse number of emotions; and these varies, depending on subjective variables of culture, social and religious influences.

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Emotional Intelligence, Episode 3

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 3 – Life Regulation

In this episode, we discuss the process of life, particularly Life Regulation process that allows human beings ability to realize and harness emotions, distinct from animals, with the use of languages and thinking, aided by the development of the prefrontal cortex area of the human brain.

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Emotional Intelligence, Episode 2

Emotional Intelligence, Episode 2 – Evolution of the Study of Emotions.

In this episode we discuss the evolution of emotions, looking at the works of Williams James (1842-1910), Anthonio Demasio (1944-date); how Demasio’s work blunted the initial controversy on whether the study of emotions can be a serious scientific venture.

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Emotional Intelligence, Episode 1.

Episode 1 in our series on Emotional Intelligence. You do not want to miss the entire series.

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Emotional Intelligence Series. Episode 1.

Check out Episode 1 of our new series on Emotional Intelligence. Comments and critiques are welcomed, please. Thank you. 🙌🙌

Our Nation_Cheap Shots

That Nigeria is struggling under the weight of security challenges is not in dispute. That the economy is still that of a privileged few is also not in doubt. That the hydra headed monster of corruption is still untamed in every material particular is also obvious.

No one also need to look far to see the lightening rod of all this systemic shocks and imbalances. And an easy and cheap target at that – the sitting president, Muhammadu Buhari (General or not!).

Disclaimer: this post is not a defence of the person of PMB, oh no, not today. Why? Even if Mother Theresa were to be alive and president of Nigeria, she would have had to contend with the same vitriol. So, I’d be disappointing many with my humble summation. Feel free to disagree without being disagreeable, if your politics or worldview allow for that!

So, why “cheap shots”? Because placing blame is easy, passing the buck convenient. What is hard, damn hard, is owing our part in this situation and offering ourselves as sacrifice for renewal. Please be patient with me.

Take security. I am sure that you have read, or maybe even read the report of others on the Homily of the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto at the burial mass of one Seminarian, unfortunately killed in the North by criminal elements early this week? Okay.

This sermon is symptomatic of my point in this piece. That unfortunate young man and his colleagues died because of the president’s action or lack of it, right? WRONG! I mean, it is easy to blame the president for every wrong, while WE ALL should be looking in the mirror!

We can all theorise why there are kidnappers, other criminal and terrorist elements in the land all we want but answer me this questions: (1) Buhari caused the Almaijiri issue in the north right? (2) He is the sponsor of Biko Haram elements, right? (3) He is that Fulani herdsman terrorising farmers and farmlands all over the place, yes? (4) He has his hands in the pocket of governments of the States and local governments such that he embezzles their funds, right? (5) Buhari is also the reason that mechanic over charged you for fixing your equipment, right? And oh, wait, it is because of this president that Nigeria is not worth dying for, yes?

Listen to me dear reader, we ARE ALL to blame for Nigeria’s morass. Yes, you, me, all of us. And our part in the mess did not begin with this president, and except we change, will not end with this one. Ask yourself this: why is it that most Nigerians who misbehave in this country travel to Ghana (Ghana o), and strive to do the right thing? How come we struggle to gain the system in our social responsibilities (i.e. payment of adequate taxes), yet labour to build up our various religious organisations and social clubs with humongous contributions?

You, me, everyone makes Nigeria what it is. The sooner we all begin to look in our mirrors for the problem, the early Nigeria will begin to get better. It is like a child blaming his parents for every obstacle life throws at him!

Wake up Nigerians. Talk and criticism is cheap. Play your part in your little corner, and bit by little bit, Nigeria will begin to evolve. Not before then, I’m afraid.

Enjoy your day!

©️Adewale Adeniji. 13th February 2020