World Mental Health Day, 2020

In this broadcast, I beam a light on mental health issues on the day set aside to observe mental health issues the world over. I reiterate WHO’s position that better attention should be drawn to the issue, and more funding needs to be made available by governments the world over to battle this scourge.

I end the message by sharing 6 no. tips on what we need to do as individuals to secure our own mental health despite the season the world lives in.

Enjoy the broadcast. 


In this Episode, I condemn in its entirety the rape of women; and made a call to action for you, yes you, to join me!

Will you? If you require assistance with this issue please visit or send an email to We love you!

Emotional Intelligence Series. Episode 3.

Our Emotional Intelligence Series, Episode 3 is live now.

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Emotional Intelligence Series. Episode 1.

Check out Episode 1 of our new series on Emotional Intelligence. Comments and critiques are welcomed, please. Thank you. 🙌🙌



Quietness of mind.

Cocooned, surreal state.

Fertile arena for ideas to float.

Doors shut against every rabble,

all noise-some pests.

Wondrous state to ponder anew,

plethora of potential possibilities.

Noiseless lonesomeness soothes

and nourishes my cranium occupant.

Medulla oblongata thanks you!

Reason refreshed on solitude’s

altar; matched only by silence itself.

Otiose state, abandoned in seclusion.

What heaven!!!



Yes, I love my own company.

This sequestration of my mind,

in my space, at my pretty pace,

for my peace. Soothing is the

privacy this isolation brings.

No, you are not welcome

to my state of incognito.

Better to remain faceless

in facing my issues; confronting

them fiends of progress, retooling

my smarts, recharging my batteries.

Oh, how I long to be festooned,

moored on these shores,


© 20th January 2017. Adewale Adeniji

Broken Petals

Blooming, glowing signposts of beauty, now
sterile, dull epitaphs of spent elegance.
Yes, once admired, yet now scorned.
Soft, undulating folds of jowls, now
sunken, boney cheekbones;
lost to the mutability of life.
Ebullient rippling muscled masses, now
alas, plain proof of powerlessness!
No, not as before mate, not as …
Chutzpa for life; how fickle thou art.
We thought ourselves kings, lords, and all.
But end up mere broken petals, all flesh!
Anyone heading towards Sunset Boulevard*?
Sing along, “swing low, sweet chariot…”*
Enjoy the trip while life resets for another generation.
*Author acknowledges Copyright in Sunset Boulevard. *”Swing low, sweet chariot” is an American negro spiritual written prior to 1862.
Both used in this Derivative Work under Fair Use License.
© 13th February 2017. Adewale Adeniji

Lose Weight And Burn Calories Twice Faster By Putting Teaspoon Of This In Your Coffee

Most people start their day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. In fact, coffee is one of the most widely enjoyed morning beverages all over the world. Aside from giving you an immediate energy bo…

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Our Health_Remove The Dangerous Uric Acid From Your Joints By Doing This

Guys, there’s no point to working hard and creating wealth if we cannot enjoy an easy existence. So, please see to your health.

Bless up!


Source: Remove The Dangerous Uric Acid From Your Joints By Doing This

Chop & Quench!

Now, what do you say to this thing?

First, this is one humongous bowl of starchy food, which has severe health consequences. 

Second, being eaten (with relish, I concede) by clearly overweight individuals!

Surely a recipe for serious health issues!

Eat well people, a balanced diet would ensure a healthy life!

Or what do you think?

Our Wellbeing_Sailing on River Gambia

Sailing on River Gambia with friends on Tuesday, 12th April 2016 after an exhaustive business trip. Caught a massive Buttter Fish. Made great stew pepper soup out of it!

What is your recent holiday experience? Do share!