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After the Dollar, Play The Blues …


After the dollar play the blues
The blues, the blues
Spent all our fx on booze
On booze, on booze
Spent the money blew reserves
Reserves, Reserves

After the party make we go
Dey go, dey go
Where to go now we no know
No know, no know
Fuel is scarce, light no dey
No dey, no dey

Change dem sell, what we get?
We get, we get?
Presido dey fly, dey fly
Prof na prof, prof na prof
Make we hala make dem hear
Dem hear, dem hear

After the trial go to jail,
To jail, to jail.
Give back the money that you stole,
You stole, you stole
Everything you tif we get back
We go get back, with your pain o!

People dey suffer left and right
Dem know, or not?
Spread the Naira come our side
Our side, our side
Wetin to yarn, again sef?
Again … Aga…

© April 2016. Adewale Adeniji