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The Donkey And His Chips.


That Donkey, what chip on ‘ees shoulders.

Rode only once hither thither by a Master;

as accolades poured forth in droves.

Of a truth our Ass developed such an ego

that has no place to go. Thought ‘eeself

important in life scheme of things, did he.




No one can an easy conversation have

with our celebrated Ass, as he puffs.

Until that fateful day in the village square.

The real owner of the Donkey had his life

shed for man so base. Then our Ass saw

his pride dented indeed. ‘Ess just a ride!




© 11th November 2016. Adewale Adeniji.

The Harem … Part 2

A place of sordid tales, a coven of jealousies

One’s misfortune, another’s joy

Oh, harems are sodden with plots

All are drawn in, willingly or coyly.
It’s taste turns oft to wormwood

Relish its waters are your own risk

Whatever pleasures are dished

Rest assured you’d be pissed.
Harems, a place of plots, sub-plots

Envies are shaped, talons sharpened

The happy, rendered sad,

The sad, raucously happy at other’s misfortune 
Men, thought powerful, brought low

Dignities ruined, egos bruised

Your ride today, another’s tomorrow

A place indeed best for vipers … Or is it?
(To be continued …)
© 25th September 2016. Adewale Adeniji.