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Leicester City Wins English Premier League!

As a proud Gooner, I say hearty congratulations to Leicester City FC.
Whether na Buddhist Jazz or not, you’re champions! No be rise and beans o. And despite the 5000=1 odds at the beginning of the season! Well done indeed.

As Zebrudaya, a Nigerian comic would say, “Congratulobia”!

By the way, as some showed at the Emirates last Saturday, 
“Wenger + 12 years = Excuses.

Ranieri + 10 months = Champions”
“It’s Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC”
Arsene runs Arsenal FC as a business, right? Then as should happen in any corporation where you’ve missed your KPIs for 12 consecutive years, isn’t it time to retire Arsene upstairs?  Or worse still?

My thoughts as a long suffering (this one not being a fruit of the spirit o!) Arsenal fan.

Any GOONER that disagrees with me, please share your thoughts.