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5 Things To Do Differently In The New Year

Episode 1_Think Differently (Change Mindset)

As we prepare for another calendar year, I share 5 tips in this series on what we need to do differently to enable us succeed in the coming year.

In this first episode, I encourage my viewers to think differently to change their mindset. I give practical tips on how this can be done effectively.

Other episodes in this series are:

Episode 2_Set Goals Differently (Get A Road Map)

Episode 3_SAVE!

Episode 4_Be Better At Time Management

Episode 5_Be Thankful For Everything (Gratitude)

I encourage you to complete the series for a rounded overview.

Enjoy the broadcast. 

Contemplative (Cyrptic 101)

I think, unthink then rethink

Methinks, You think, We think

Crypto or lucid, all stink!

You think, unthink then rethink
Can you, for sure rethink?

Will it, perchance be it?

When all, by pretense, think, But none really think shit.
Still all seek Olympic heights

Delphian native, oh enigmatic

Yet sore indeed – the sights 

Trying indeed all to outthink.

© June/July 2016. Adewale Adeniji.