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How To Gain Leverage_Lifestyle Bytes_Emotional Health & Spiritual By-passing, Episode 1: Buyer Beware.

A new series – Emotional Health & Spiritual By-passing debuts on all my podcast channels today. Listen, learn and leverage.

In this pilot episode of a new series on Emotional Health and Spiritual Bypassing, I lay the foundation for the series by introducing myself and my religious belief, and academic understanding of most other religious beliefs; and the fact that this series is bound to be controversial for those who see religious issues as matters of black and white.

I explain that the reason for this series is to help us appreciate how our emotions have betrayed us such that many of our children, wards and relatives do not want to accept our faiths because we have allowed those emotions portray us in an untoward fashion.

If you require my help with whatever you learn in this series and more, contact me at http://www.adewaleadenijicoaching.com, or send me an email at coachade@adewaleadenijicoaching.com.

Enjoy the broadcast.

World Mental Health Day, 2020 Adewale Adeniji. Coach + Behavioral Therapist.

https://youtu.be/MM1rqMt3LAU In this broadcast, I beam a light on mental health issues on the day set aside to observe mental health issues the world over. I reiterate WHO’s position that better attention should be drawn to the issue, and more funding needs to be made available by governments the world over to battle this scourge. I end the message by sharing 6 no. tips on what we need to do as individuals to secure our own mental health despite the season the world lives in. Enjoy the broadcast. coachade@adewaleadenijicoaching.com info@lchilimited.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/adewale-adeniji1/message
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